What are Barcode Marked Cards?

Barcode marked cards are a type of playing cards that have been marked with invisible barcodes or markings that are readable by a specialized poker scanning analyzer device. These markings are typically applied to the four edgs of cards in a way that is not easily detectable by the naked eye. When the poker analyzer scans any side of the barcode marked card, it will report the winner and odds calculation in a very short time. You only need to wear cheating headphones to tell who is bluffing and whose cards are real. Strong, thereby minimizing losses or increasing the winning rate.

Advanced Printer Marking Technology:

We pride ourselves on utilizing cutting edge printer marking technology to create markings that are not only intricate but also incredibly durable. Our commitment to quality ensures that the barcode markings remain vivid and clear over time, providing a seamless gaming experience.

High Quality Barcode Ink Processing:

We employ high quality barcode ink processing techniques to guarantee the longevity and visibility of the markings. The ink used is meticulously chosen to withstand wear and tear, making our barcode marked deck of cards a reliable choice for both casual and professional players.

Original Imported Brand Playing Cards:

To maintain the utmost authenticity, we source original imported brand playing cards for processing. This ensures that the overall look and feel of our marked poker cards are indistinguishable from regular playing cards, adding an element of surprise to your games.

Discreet and Secure:

The unique feature of barcode playing cards lies in their virtually undetectable nature. The barcode marks, strategically placed on the four edgs of the cards, are invisible to common poker reading devices such as contact lenses or glasses. This added layer of concealment ensures that the integrity of your game remains intact, allowing you to play with confidence and peace of mind.

Poker Analyzer Compatibility:

Unlock the full potential of our barcode poker cheat card with a poker analyzer. When scanned and analyzed, our marked cards provide instant access to crucial game information, including the winner, odds, and other vital details. Gain a competitive edge in a matter of seconds! Our company has many types of analyzers for sale, among which CVK 680, AKK A6, and poker analyzer iphone are hotselling.

We take pride in delivering cutting edge solutions to poker enthusiasts. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the use of original imported brand playing cards and advanced barcode ink processing. We prioritize your gaming experience, ensuring that our barcode marked cards not only meet but exceed your expectations.