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ASAP Texas Hold'em poker

Modiano Jumbo Bike Barcode Marked Playing Cards

Modiano Jumbo Bike Barcode Marked Playing Cards

Infrared marked cards is a poker that uses special infrared invisible ink to mark on the back of the poker card. The special infrared invisible ink cannot be recognized by the naked eye, and can only be seen by wearing special invisible ink glasses or infrared contact lenses .
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  • How to cheat in poker gambling?

    You can use the Modiano playing cards and invisible ink infrared contact lenses. The Jumbo Bike cheat poker decks have invisible marks on the back of the playing cards. You can see the marks by wearing hd contact lenses.

    The Modiano marked cards look the same as the ordinary Modiano Jumbo Bike playing cards. Because our marked playing cards are based on the ordinary Jumbo Bike playing cards.

    Thanks to our invisible ink, the marks are totally invisible to human eyes. So it’s very safe to use the marked cards and marked cards contact lenses to cheat in poker.

Product Details

Similar to the principle of a banknote detector, this special infrared invisible ink mark can be seen by using light with a wavelength different from visible light. Thanks to the characteristics of this special infrared invisible ink, infrared marked poker looks just like ordinary playing cards. Therefore, it is difficult to be found by others in the process of use.

Every infrared marked poker is printed with a soft polymer coating. This special protective film can ensure that the mark will not be oxidized or washed away by water. And this protective film will not affect the original feel and color of the playing cards.