How To See Through Playing Cards

Infrared contact lenses are divided into marked cards contact lenses and marked poker cards glasses. Different kind of infrared contact lenses will offer you different effect. But they all have a common purpose, which can Invisible ink markings on the back of the infrared marking card can be clearly seen.

Invisible ink sunglasses looks very cool and fashionable, looks just like the normal sunglasses, but it has the special function, which Invisible ink that can see through the back of marked playing cards. Sunglasses are great for players who find wearing contact lenses uncomfortable, and for players who are used to wearing contact lenses we highly recommend marked cards contact lenses.

Our infrared contact lenses harness the power of infrared spectrum and state of the art dyeing technology to create a seamless blend of innovation and secrecy. The invisible ink contact lenses are equipped with a red filter, also known as a luminous ink reader, strategically placed in the center. This filter allows you to decipher the invisible marks on the back of marked cards with unparalleled accuracy.

Compared to other high tech cheating playing card device like poker analyzer, poker scanning camera, and infrared poker cameras, our invisible ink contact lenses offer a cost effective solution that is suitable for a wide range of poker games. Experience the thrill of outsmarting your opponents without breaking the bank.