Cheating Dice For Sale

As the proverb goes, one holds the reins of their destiny. This principle applies not only to life but also to the realm of dice games. To achieve success in dice gambling, relying on advanced technology proves more effective than mere reliance on luck. While chance may bring occasional victories, it is not a consistent guarantee. Conversely, possessing a set of ingenious cheat dice ensures continual success in the dice game.

We have a variety of cheating dice for sale, such as remote control dice, weighted dice set, loaded trick dice, talking dice, mercury dice, dice bowls with the camera, trick dice, dice analyzer, electron dice, dice controller and rigged dice.

Remote Control Dice:

Characteristics: These remote control dice are equipped with a remote control device that allows the cheater to control the outcome by triggering a specific response. Need to be used together with the remote control dice board to control the dice.
Advantages: The cheater can discreetly influence the result without physically interacting with the dice.

Weighted Dice Set:

Characteristics: Weighted dice set are altered to have an uneven distribution of weight, making certain outcomes more likely.
Advantages: The cheater can increase the chances of rolling specific numbers without attracting immediate suspicion.

Loaded Trick Dice:

Characteristics: Loaded trick dice are altered internally to favor certain outcomes when rolled.
Advantages: The loaded configuration is often subtle, making it difficult for others to detect the cheat.

Talking Dice:

Characteristics: Talking dice have electronic components that produce sounds or vibrations indicating the outcome.
Advantages: The cheater can receive signals discreetly, giving them information about the result without anyone else knowing.

Mercury Dice:

Characteristics: Mercury dice have a small amount of mercury inside, causing them to stop on a particular face when the mercury settles.
Advantages: The mercury adds an element of randomness, making it harder for observers to detect the cheat.

Dice Bowls with Camera:

Characteristics: Dice bowls are equipped with hidden camera to capture the dice's outcome.
Advantages: The cheater can view the result remotely, gaining an advantage without physically manipulating the dice.

Trick Dice:

Characteristics: Trick dice have imperceptible modifications that affect their rolling behavior.
Advantages: The modifications are often subtle, making it challenging for opponents to identify the cheat.

Dice Analyzer:

Characteristics: These devices analyze the movement of the dice and predict the outcome.
Advantages: The cheater can receive real-time information about the probable result, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Electron Dice:

Characteristics: Electron dice are electronic, allowing for remote control or manipulation of outcomes.
Advantages: The electronic components provide a high level of control over the dice, increasing the precision of the cheat.

Dice Controller:

Characteristics: A device or technique used to control the way the dice are thrown to achieve desired outcomes.
Advantages: Skilled use of a dice controller can influence the results without visibly altering the dice.

Rigged Dice:

Characteristics: Rigged dice intentionally altered to produce specific results.
Advantages: Rigged dice can be customized to achieve precise outcomes, but the alterations may be noticeable with close inspection.