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ASAP Texas Hold'em poker

Samsung Galaxy S21 CVK 680 Poker Analyzer For Poker Games

Samsung Galaxy S21 CVK 680 Poker Analyzer For Poker Games

CVK 680 poker analyzer bases on a normal mobile phone and looks like the original Samsung. This determines its deception, convenience, and security. In daily life, its function is the same as that of a normal mobile phone. You can call the phone, send a message, and join WIFI to access the Internet. When in the poker games such as Texas Holdem or Omaha, the CVK 680 poker scanner analyzer work with the barcode marked cards and a piece of mini earphone to help the users a lot!
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    This is a poker cheat device can inform you who is the poker winner, or get the information you want to know or make yourself a good poker hand. The poker camera is installed on the side of the phone. And the poker scanner camera is inside the phone, so no one can find traces of cheating in poker. When the poker cheating camera scans the marked poker cards, you can get the result of the game through the headset or vibrator.


    We have marked invisible ink on the side of the poker cards. This ink can only be seen by gam poker analyzer. This ink cannot be seen without invisible ink infrared contact lenses. If items are not allowed on the table, I recommend you use an external camera , We disguised the poker cheating infrared camera lens in daily necessities, such as watch hidden camera, hidden button camera, wallet camera, hat scanner, etc. These poker analyzers look just like ordinary everyday items, no one can find the camera hidden inside.


Poker analyzer device is critical equipment that works in the playing cards scanner to predict the poker results. It can work with the poker scanner camera and report you the best winning hand or all the hands’ rankings, even reporting the suits and values of each playing cards. Having it, you can know a lot of cards’ information which is helpful to you to make your bet.Furthermore, it has high accuracy.