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ASAP Texas Hold'em poker

Power Bank Playing Cards Scanner For Invisible Ink Barcode Marking Cards Decks

Power Bank Playing Cards Scanner For Invisible Ink Barcode Marking Cards Decks

Power bank hidden spy camera is one of our newest poker camera. You can use this power bank to charge your phone while scanning the barcode marked cards. To meet different needs of different customers, the distance we can offer for Power Bank Scanning Camera are as following: 15-25cm, 20-30cm, 30-40cm, 40-50cm, 50-60cm and 70-80cm.
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    People normally say we should care about the inside, so does the cheating marked cards scanner camera. The core component of it is the focus infrared camera lens. It has different quality standard to meet the different needs. Selecting the perfect camera for your special situation based on the budget is the first thing you should consider.

    Power Bank is pretty popular nowadays. People usually take a power bank with them to charge a phone or an Ipad when they go out. It’s such an ideal item for scanning camera that people would just think it as a normal power bank to charge the phone. And no one would notice it as a scanning camera even you put it on the poker table and get lots info of barcode marked decks.

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We have created the power bank playing cards scanner device to satisfy your demands, which is one of most creative gambling cheating device. The power bank is common object which be used on our daily life.

Nowadays people are custom to use the mobile phone and many other electronics. This is a good chance that you can take a power bank camera to the casino or on the stage of the magic show.