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ASAP Texas Hold'em poker

LD CTK Q5 Poker Analyzer For Magic Playing Card Deck

LD CTK Q5 Poker Analyzer For Magic Playing Card Deck

In addition to AKK analyzer system, CVK system and PK king poker analyzer, LD series is another poker scanner system with new brand. LD CTKQ5 poker winner analyzer is the latest poker scanner analyzer in the LD series poker winner analyzers.
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    There are several advantages for the LD CTKQ5 poker card analyzer when comparing with other poker analyzer devices.
    1st, the CTKQ5 LD analyzer is called also Iphone6 poker hand analyzer. It has get the fashionable cover of Iphone 6 when most of others are in traditional Samsung or other earlier phones.
    2nd, This Iphone 6 analyzer has a local scanning camera that can scan any marked cards in the area of 30cm long and 30cm wide, which is 10 cm longer and wider than the marked cards scanner camera in other analyzers. You can just put the phone on the poker table and don't need to buy any wireless camera scanner of this distance any more.
    3rd, being similar to PK analyzers, this LD CTKQ5 cvk poker scanning analyzer can be set as many as 5 games program. That's quite a good advantage for it because the AKK and CVK series analyzer can get only 3 games.
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Product Details

LD CTK Q5 poker analyzer is the other version of LD series gam poker analyzer. LD poker analyzer cheat equipment can process five poker games, CTK Q5 gam poker analyzer is not an exception.

If you do not want to use local poker camera, you can use remote control to switch it and then use extra poker camera. Lighter camera poker analyzer, power bank hidden camera or watch poker scanner and others scanning lens can work with Q5 poker analyzer, because LD CTK Q5 poker analyzer has various frequencies to different poker cheat camera.