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Copag Jumbo Face Playing Cards For Infrared Contact Lenses

Copag Jumbo Face Playing Cards For Infrared Contact Lenses

Having you considered making change from common poker cards to invisible ink marked cards in your poker game? If you want, you can give our invisible ink Copag Jumbo Face marked playing cards a try, our Copag marked cards for infrared contact lenses are designed to offer durability at a less expensive price.
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  • There are a great number of cheating methods in playing cards games, such as false dealing, switching cards, marking cards. Compared with marking cards by the method of bending or adding visible marks to a card, using invisible ink marked cards for infrared contact lenses is the safest and effective one, hence, it was applied by magicians or poker players during their magic and poker games extensively.

    Invisible ink marked Copag Jumbo Face cards are made from ordinary Copag Jumbo Face playing cards with infrared markings. The infrared marks on the back of playing cards in form of numbers, fonts, or other patterns, it depends on your person needs. Since the invisible Copag Jumbo Face marked playing cards only can be read under the infrared light, therefore, you should wear infrared contact lenses or ir sunglasses to see them when you use. By the way, there are also different types of ir contact lenses and infrared ink glasses in our website, if you are interested in them, you can search for them or contact with us directly.

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These COPAG playing cards Jumbo Face have 55 poker size playing cards produced in Belgium by Cartamundi. The COPAG jumbo index playing cards are made of 100% plastic and come with 2 Jokers + 1 COPAG guarantee card. These poker cards have 2 Jumbo Faces in two corners of the playing cards. The COPAG poker size cards are on sale at our playing card shop with a blue or red back and come in a cardboard tuck box. The COPAG 100% plastic Jumbo index poker size playing cards are compatible with all existing card shufflers.