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AKK K5 Poker Analyzer Cheating Devices For Barcode Marked Poker Cards

AKK K5 Poker Analyzer Cheating Devices For Barcode Marked Poker Cards

The biggest difference is that AKK K5 poker analyzer has a P5 Bluetooth power amplifier for reporting sound clearer even in the far distance. You do not worry about you cannot receive clear sound poker results.
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    The fashionable and beautiful outward appearance is difficult to arouse attention from other players. We set a mini single wireless dedicated dynamic HD poker scanning camera inside for scanning laser marked poker decks with invisible ink at high speed and 100% accuracy. It can scan invisible ink barcode marked cards in a wider range. In spite of this built-in poker camera, AKK K5 can also work with external scanning camera. And you can switch theses two playing cards scanner by using dedicated remote controller. What is more, you can add or decrease the number of players by this magic controller.

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AKK K5 poker analyzer is the newest model mobile phone poker analyzers in AKK series marked cards poker analyzer, which has more functions and work well than AKK K40 gam poker analyzer or any earlier edition. This kind of AKK K50 phone poker analyzer is processed on the base of original Samsung S6 which uses built-in battery. In other words, the advanced professional K5 poker analyzer cannot change its battery that can last about 2.5 hours.