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ASAP Texas Hold'em poker

100 Chip Acrylic Chip Tray

100 Chip Acrylic Chip Tray

What is the most common thing in a poker table Chip tray! The camera we can install into the chip tray is undetectable. The dimensions and the color of the chip tray will remain original after having been processed. This is always the best choice for the dealers in the poker games.
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    Each casino has configured chip tray, so we hide a poker spy camera scanner inside the chip tray, we can help you customize different style of chip tray poker scanner. When the chip board scans the invisible barcode on the side of the poker cards, the chip tray will send the information to the poker analyzer, then you can hear the poker hand odds through the headset or vibrator, or other information you want to know, you can also through the watch,phone screen to get information.

    High-tech chip tray, which hides the lens of the poker scanning camera, he can quickly and automatically scan invisible barcoded decks. The chip tray completely hides the poker micro camera. Although we installed a spy camera inside, the chip tray looks the same as the ordinary chip tray , and the chip tray and poker table are used together. You don't worry about, others can not find you are cheating.

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The chip tray is equipped with a remote control analyzer. When you use this poker cheating equipment, you need to control the remote control to turn on the camera. There is a switch on the tray to turn the camera on or off. The chip tray clearly and quickly scans the barcode of poker cards. After the poker analyzer predicts the barcode of poker, he will transmit who is the winner or other information or poker hand odds to the headset, vibrator, screen, etc.