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ASAP Texas Hold'em poker

Invisible Marked Cards UV Contact Lenses V22 for Marked Decks

Invisible Marked Cards UV Contact Lenses V22 for Marked Decks

By being used with the infrared marked cards, players can directly see the playing card points of other players in the Texas Hold'em game.
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  • Winning a game of poker by sheer luck is extremely unlikely. So it's a good thing to buy marked deck of cards and marked cards contact lenses to help players win the game.

  • 1. Adopt the most advanced laser staining.

    2. High transmittance (You can read the marks clearly when wearing our IR contact lenses.)

    3. High moisture content (The lens is quite soft and you will feel very comfortable for wearing.)


invisible ink contact lenses are the special contact lenses to view playing cards with invisible ink marks on the back of the card. They are also named infrared contact lenses.

A pair of high-quality invisible ink contact lenses is very good for your poker cheating and magic tricks. The high-quality hd contact lenses won't hurt your eyes, and also can see the marked poker cards very clearly, and which can work with any brands of UV marked cards.

Besides, contact lenses are in direct contact with the eyes, so we will offer you the professional instructions to teach and show you how to wear and store the lenses.