How Does the Poker Analyzer Work?

The operation process of poker cheating device is divided into: shuffling, scanning, analysis, and broadcasting. The corresponding poker machine cheating devices is: barcode marked cards, poker analyzer, poker scanner, and cheating earphone.

Playing cards is the most important game, so barcode marked cards are also the most important among poker cheating devices, featuring discreet barcode ink marking on the four edges. Whether made of plastic or paper, these barcode playing cards appear indistinguishable from ordinary playing cards. They marks remain invisible to the naked eye and escape detection by infrared contact lenses and sunglasses.

The poker analyzer is equipped with a built in poker camera. The built in poker scanning camera can only scan a distance of 20-40 cm. When the poker analyzer system scans barcode marked playing card, the game results will be obtained within 0.5 seconds. You will usually know who won and calculate odds. It is worth noting that these poker analyzer iphone function the same as regular mobile phones. This will reduce your opponent's suspicion.

When the casino restricts placing mobile phones on the gaming table, our external poker scanning camera become your invaluable accomplice. Hidden within everyday items such as buttons, shirts, watches, car keys, or lighters, these external poker scanner camera ensure you can scan barcode cards covertly without raising eyebrows. With scanning distances ranging from 8-15 cm, 20-40 cm, or even 60-90 cm, choose the option that suits your strategy.

Complete the experience with our cheating earphones, the last part is to transmit the analysis results of the poker card analyzer to your ears. Receive game insights discreetly, allowing you to make informed decisions without tipping off your opponents.

Embrace the future of poker with our cutting edge cheating device. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an ambitious newcomer, elevate your game and leave nothing to chance. Play smarter, play with confidence – it's time to redefine the way you approach the poker table.