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ASAP Texas Hold'em poker

Omnipotent Mercury Dice for Gambling

Omnipotent Mercury Dice for Gambling

Mercury dice is one of popular cheating devices in dice gambling. Mercury is the only liquid metal in the world, and because it has the sticky, heavy and movable features that we do not choose iron powder or sand to replace it.
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  • Mercury dices can get any pips you want.

    In order to get the points you want, you need to knock the opposite side slightly before you roll the dices.

    For example, if you want to get 6 pips, you need to knock 1 pip slightly. By this way, the mercury in dices will flow to side of 1 pip so that this side will be heavier. Then the side of 1pip will be on the bottom when you roll the dices. Thereby, 6 pips will be on the top.

How is the poker analyzer implementing its cheating features?

First, you only need to choose the game program that you need in the host (Texas, OMAHA, report cards one by one, etc.), then set your number of players, results output method, and the results you need such as the first winner, the 2 biggest hand, the ranking of all players. Place this poker analyzer on the table with the screen off while the game program is on, and align it with one side of the card, then the host will quickly analyze and report the users results through the mini headphones in 0.1 seconds. The whole process is fast and efficient.

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