X-ray Contact Lenses to Read Playing Cards for Omaha Cheating

X-ray Contact Lenses to Read Playing Cards for Omaha Cheating
X-ray contact lenses are really popular in recent year. With so many marked cards cheating devices to see back-side poker cheat cards, why people prefer to the X-ray contact lenses, other than UV contact lenses or poker camera?

X-ray contact lenses are a type of special marked cards contact lenses that it works with poker deck marked with X-ray ink. So, it is also called one to one marked cards deck and marked cards contact lenses. What's the meaning of one to one? It is to say X-ray ink marked cards only can be seen by X-ray contact lenses, other poker cheating lenses cannot work, such as invisible ink contact lenses, luminous sunglasses, and poker scanner camera, all of these can't see the hidden marks on X-ray poker cards. X-ray contact lenses are suitable for many kinds of poker game cheating, blackjack, Texas Holdem, Omaha game. After you wearing these spy contact lenses, you can see the cards' suite and value of each card directly. For its one to one characteristic, it's safer than other marked cards reader.

If you want to choose a more safety way to cheating in poker game, X ray contact lenses and marked cards is a good choice.
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