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ASAP Texas Hold'em poker

Marker Card and See-Through Glasses Package

Marker Card and See-Through Glasses Package

Get perfectly marked deck of cards from superior poker cards suppliers Modiano, Copag, Bicycle, Fournier and more. These products allow you to easily create deck of marked cards sets with invisible ink markers. Use our marked playing cards and you will win more poker games!
Offer package designated for customers from TikTok.

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T-shirt poker cheat card scanner just works as a camera so it doesn’t have the poker scanner system to figure out the information it gets from barcode marked poker cards. It still needs the help of poker analyzer. Only with this system, can you know who is the winner. Poker analyzer also has poker scanner camera to scan cards, but you can’t put anything on the table sometimes. At this moment, T-shirt dynamic scanner is very helpful.

Product Details

T-shirt with poker scanning camera lens for poker cheating is a scanner product for phone poker analyzer with highly secretive. They are always popular use among those who want to enjoy the games secretly for they make poker cheating with barcode marked cards and poker card analyzer safer.
it is a dynamic scanning camera in this new T-shirt, which means that it has the very fast radar camera lens which can read the barcode playing cards in high speed. Many customers of poker scanner analyzers now have the special need of fast reading camera.

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