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T-shirt High Speed Poker Scanning Camera For Barcode Marked Deck

T-shirt High Speed Poker Scanning Camera For Barcode Marked Deck

The dynamic poker camera can be removed from T-shirt. So you can wash it. And in next gambling game, you can install the hidden shirt camera in another T-shirt. But camera is not suitable for normal T-shirt in market. The shirts are also specialized because we need to make sure that there is place to make camera fixed. And the camera can’t be covered by the T-shirt. Otherwise, it can’t read the barcode marked cards well.
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The first bee cards were manufactured in 1892, hence the "92" number on the box. Magicians and cardists love them for their smooth finish and lack borders. This allows them to hide false shuffles or second deals.

These cards come in poker size, are plastic coated and have a cambric finish to ensure smoothness and durability. The cheating poker cards are barcoded and can be scanned with poker card scanner .

Product Introduction

The Bee 92 cheating poker cards for poker hand history analyzer is a special deck of playing cards that can be used with the help of invisible ink. Poker analyzer device can scan the invisible marks to reveal all of the card's details in seconds. These marked playing cards are perfect for magicians and poker players.

The Bee brand is the preferred deck of casinos and serious card technicians, due to their soft finish, lack of borders, and casino grade quality stock. The diamond backs are also great for hiding false shuffles, second deals and a variety sleights of hand.

Bee brand

Bee 92, a brand of casino cards with a strong commitment to quality, has the tagline confidence in every game'. The brand's playing cards are made to last and are designed to provide the best possible game experience. These cards are durable, flexible and have a superior slip to make shuffling easier. The playing cards are available in many different colors and designs, they are available in both blue and red. This is the highest quality mark we have seen on a card.

The backs of Bee cards have a diamond pattern that makes it hard for other players read the markings. The cards are also printed on a special paper type that is easy to hold and snaps better.

If you want to use barcode marked deck of cards in poker games, you need a video poker hand analyzer. This device is able to scan and analyze invisible barcodes that are on cards. You can then know the results of the game in a short time through your earpiece. A poker cheat card scanner camera or poker hand analyzer can be purchased to assist you in the process.

The quality of the playing cards

Bee cards are recognized for their quality and durability, making them a favorite among casino cheating poker cards technicians. These marked poker cards can withstand the abuse of playing in casinos. Their soft finish, lack of borders and ability to withstand abuse makes them perfect for hiding false shuffles or second deals. These decks are also great for magic routines with a gambling theme.

The Bee marked deck playing cards are often marked with a barcode on the four edges, which can be read by any gambling cheating poker scanner system . The scanner will send the information to the poker cards analyzer host, which will then poker hands odds calculator analyze the results and tell you through a wireless earpiece in less than 1 second.

The poker cheat card are also available in red and blue, with jumbo index marks for easier reading from a distance. You can use these marked poker with a variety of gambling cheating poker scanners, including car key scanners, wallet poker scanners, lighter poker scanners and chip tray poker scanners.

The markings

Cheating poker cards are one of the most popular gambling tools in the world. Although the earliest methods of making marked decks were crude and sometimes dangerous, modern technology has made them safer and easier to use. You can mark a playing card deck in many different ways, including using luminous inks or juice inks.

Bee cards are a well known casino card brand, first manufactured by Consolidated Dougherty in 1892 (hence the number "92" on the Ace of Spades). These cards, which are known for their diamond backs, are popular with magicians and poker players.

Unlike other gambling cheating poker cards , Bee 92 cards are not easy to fade and show. They are printed with a barcode on the edges, which can be read by playing card scanner and analyzed by poker analyzer system . Using this system, the winner, odds and other important information can be obtained in a very short time. This way, the player can make a better decision.