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ASAP Texas Hold'em poker

Shopping 350 Chip Tray Marked Playing Cards Scanning Camera

Shopping 350 Chip Tray Marked Playing Cards Scanning Camera

There are a lot of advantages for the 350 chip tray poker scanning camera while comparing with some other poker scanner cameras.
The chip tray poker playing cards scanning cameras are quite safe to use for the tray is a popular daily item to use on the poker table in casinos or private clubs. This basic function makes the chip tray playing cards scanner popular use on the playing card games for cheating without others' doubt.
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    First, a chip tray is a certain item on the table, while many other goods such as phones or portable power banks can't be put on the poker table in many places. Poker chip tray cameras usually work for the Dealer. They can scan the marked deck of cards stably and work for poker analyzer device correctly.

  • What's more, 350 chip tray is big enough to install a big battery as well as the playing cards scanning camera lens. It is a significant advantage for it can work for a much longer time than other poker cameras for dealers such as a bluetooth watch camera or car key spy camera. It is an excellent choice for those who want to play the poker game a whole night or eight hours or more. Besides, there's a remote control for you to turn on or turn off the camera temporarily so that the camera can work even longer time.

  • For our chip tray playing cards scanning camera, we can do the infrared camera lens in different places to read cards in different areas, such as on the table or in the Dealer's hand. Thus it's necessary to contact and tell your requirement clearly before you want to do an order of the chip tray poker table scanner.

Product Details

Beside poker chips scanner, we also supply chip tray scanning camera for marked playing cards. Unlike poker chips, chip tray poker scanner is more suitable for dealer. The chip tray can be installed in a poker table. When the dealer finishes shuffling and places the marked poker decks on the table, the scanning camera on chip tray will scan the barcode and is available for close detection. The chip tray is installed near dealing area so this distance is enough to scan. And the poker card scanner can be controlled by a remote controller. You can use the controller to turn on or turn off the camera.