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ASAP Texas Hold'em poker

Poker Match Club Custom Ceramic Chip Spot YM-CP05-6

Poker Match Club Custom Ceramic Chip Spot YM-CP05-6

1.Made of high-light-transmitting acrylic and environmentally friendly materials, the materials are environmentally friendly and safe, with good wear resistance, waterproof and not easy to deform;
2.European style retro crown bronzing pattern, unique style, bright printed pattern font, bright and durable color
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High-tech environmentally friendly ceramic materials


High temperature heat transfer


Poker card game plastic chips


1.The manufacturer strictly controls the process, the material cutting process is delicate and smooth without cutting hands, and the touch feels comfortable when used for fun.

2. A strong professional design team provides you with diversified design style considerations, so that manufacturers can provide professional and personalized customized services;

3.The amount of the chips can be matched and purchased at will, and the chips come with invisible UV violet anti-counterfeiting. If you need to customize a personalized pattern, please contact the customer service specialist for details

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